3 Essential Baby Items You’ll Still NEED After the Baby Stage

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3 Essential Baby Items you'll still need after the Baby Stage is over #Baby #BabyStuff #BabyGear #BabyWipes

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The baby stage is a wonderful time full of learning, playing and sleepless nights. It is also a time filled with STUFF. So much stuff. From diaper pails to bottle warmers (if you use them), onsies and on to bouncy, light up toys. It’s a mess! And if you are anything like me, when that stage is over, you lament it’s passing even as you celebrate the culling. But hold on just a second, even when the Baby stage is over… there are a few things you’ll still use. Here are 3 essential Baby Items you’ll still NEED after the Baby Stage.


Baby Wipes

3 essential baby items you'll still need after the baby stage

Baby wipes are the be all and is all of the mothering world. These handy dandy little scraps of wet disposable cloth clean faces, hands, counters and floors. And they are cheap! I nab mine from Costco or Aldi’s, and sometimes even from Amazon since we are Prime Members.

I keep a small pack in my purse, a three pack in the down stairs bathroom and a pack each under the cabinets in the upstairs bathrooms. And I use them for EVERYTHING! Throw a couple of them on the floor skate around (or have your kids do it) and viola! Clean floor the lazy way!



Diaper Bag

3 Essential Baby item's you'll still need after the baby stage

Ok, hear me out. One simple joy I discovered once my girls moved into the underwear and school stage of life as the resurgence of my small purses. It was glorious to carry less weight on my shoulder! But as time went on, I noticed I was grabbing my diaper bag again –  just packed with different stuff. Baby wipes, note pad, pens, some snacks, make up, lip balm, mini first aid kit for the inevitable scraps…. etc, etc. It served just as well as the larger and more popular purses on the market and cost me nothing extra since I already owned it!

Now, if I am going out beyond the playground or Target, I DO grab a different purse. But until then, my trusty Diaper Bag suits.



Swaddling Cloths

3 essential baby items you'll still need after the baby stage

You know those large swaddling cloths you used in the very early baby stage? DON’T THROW THEM AWAY! Especially if you have girls. Those muslim wraps are PERFECT for dolls, either as blankets, baby carriers or as doll swaddling wraps. Trust me…. they WILL be used.

And if your kids don’t use them in pretend play, well, you can just rip them up for cleaning cloths. Win/win.


What Else?

What items do you think you’ll always need? For some, it might be the crib –  considering it can be converted into an art station or a work station. We’ve thought of that, and if I had seen the lovely Pinterest posts prior to another baby shower for a friend, I might have kept it. But alas, I didn’t and now the very white, and very unused crib, is finding love in another household.

What other baby item or baby items do you think you’ll need after the baby stage is over? Maybe you’ll keep those baby bottles and give them to the kiddos as toys? Burp cloths can be made into rags for cleaning. Baby food bottles can be used for storage of small items or spices. That bottle warmer may suit to warm other things. Baby clothes can be made into keepsakes.

The list is almost endless, and goes way beyond the 3 Essential Baby Items you’ll still need after the baby stage I have listed. Leave a comment with your ideas – I would love to talk!


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Posted February 27, 2019 by Milk and Hugs in Life as a Mom, Parenting / 0 Comments


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