A plea for the Drop Off Line

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Alright Moms and Dads…. what is up with the drop off line? Seriously! How can something so simple suddenly become so complicated and messed up?! If you use the drop off line at your school, then I am sure you already know what I am talking about. And if you don’t, buckle up – we need to talk to YOU for when that time comes!

The Drop Off Line

While many of our brethren send their children to school on buses (lucky!) many of us are left serving shuttle service ourselves, either by chose or necessity if a bus stop is not near. My family falls in the later category, attending an out of district school that does not send buses our way.

This means that we drive, each and every day – both ways. It is little hardship for me, as I enjoy seeing their school and grabbing those few precious hugs they still let me steal before the bell. Yet it also means that we deal with the dreaded Drop Off Line.

The Drop Off Line is where parents drive through and let their children dive out of the car close to the front doors. Ideally, it’s a quick and smooth moving line – where the kids are ready to go and the cars keep a steady, yet safe, pace. Unfortunately, far more often than not, this is not the case.

Want to make the school drop off line a little less stressful and rage inducing? Follow these simple rules. #Parents #school #dropoff

So what happens?

Mornings are hectic, I get it. Kids are still waking up, throwing stuff in their bags while in the car or even eating their breakfast on the road. (Who Doesn’t do that?) But the Drop off line is NOT the place to make those last minute arrangements. For those that venture into the line unprepared, it causes back ups, delays, stalled cars, kids walking through parking lots instead of the sidewalk, and horns a’ blaring on an infinite havoc inducing loop. It’s horrible – and it needs to stop.

General etiquette for the Drop Off Line

So parents and caregivers – let’s all just agree on some general rules of engagement, shall we? The Drop off line is just that, the drop off line.


  1. The Drop Off Line is the place to DROP OFF your kids!
  2. Do NOT STOP too far back – stopping is only for when the kids are getting out of the vehicle or if there are other pedestrians in your way. Because, you know, safety.
  3. Have ALL bags packed and ready to go – and breakfast either eaten or clutched firmly in hand.
  4. DO NOT PARK! This is a line, not a parking lot. For Heaven’s sake, please DO NOT DO THIS! There are spots for that.
  5. If your school has buses traveling the line then entering another area, do NOT follow them! If the sign says BUSES ONLY, please listen. That is for BUSES ONLY! Not parents – no matter how rushed you are.
  6. Do NOT make a call in the Drop off line if you can’t keep moving. Seriously, saw this the other day and shuddered.
  7. Do not Cut in line. Everyone else is waiting too.
  8. Try not to use your horn – no one has time for that this early in the dang morning. Except if you see a car about to hit a kid – then blare that thing to your heart’s content.
  9. Get those kisses and hugs! Yes, even if it delays the line for 30 seconds. We all need those and we all (should) understand. If all of the above is followed, those seconds will cost nothing and make the day just a bit brighter.


So that’s it. Pretty simple, eh? Just use the drop off line for what it is actually meant for, be polite and keep moving when it’s safe. If we can ALL do that, then mornings may be just a touch more peaceful.

Your turn

What are your Drop off line pet peeves? Horror stories? Good tales? Please tell me someone out there has a good tale to share…. I need to hear it! Leave a comment, let me know – I would love to talk!

Want to make the school drop off line a little less stressful and rage inducing? Follow these simple rules. #Parents #school #dropoff

Posted November 7, 2018 by Milk and Hugs in Parenting / 0 Comments


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