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How to Help Your Toddler use Automatic Flush Toilets

This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. Any proceeds go to help this blog grow and function, at no extra cost to you. Please see my Disclosure for full details.   My girls have been potty trained for quite some time, yet we are still have trouble using Public Toilets… specifically the dreaded […]

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This is 4…

This is 4…. I am loud I am stubborn I am joy and innocence I am magic wrapped in curiosity I still need you, even when I don’t I want you to watch me and to play with me always I want to show you my tricks and the new things I have learned I […]

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5 ways to entertain your children when you have to wait

5 ways to entertain your children when you have to wait Lately we’ve been spending quite a bit of time in Doctor’s Offices. From the Optometrist for my eldest to the E.N.T. for my youngest, we’ve been racking up hours in a waiting game we have no choice but to play. As the visits became […]

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How I am Learning to Speak so my Children Listen

Post Updated: 06/21/2017 I’m learning a new way to talk to my children…(Post updated!) There are so many times that I struggle to get my children to listen to me. Let me be honest here, when I say ‘listen’ – what I really mean, ‘do as I ask’. All too often parents label it just […]

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Benefits of reading aloud to children

The many benefits of reading aloud to children (This post was originally published on and has been re-posted here, with changes) Parents, caretakers and educators have long known that reading aloud to children increases bonding, encourages brain growth, strengthens vocabulary and a helps foster a curiosity for the world around them. We all know […]

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10 Things To Appreciate About Your Child Today

In the give and take world of parenting, frustrations and arguments happen – ones that often distract us from the joy of parenting and can leave us angry, distraught and engulfed in a cycle of “if only they would…”. Kids are pre-programmed to push our buttons, sometimes jamming them so hard that it inspires the […]

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Why can’t you give cough medicine to a young child?

We are currently experiencing the 4th recent bought of sickness in the household – a lovely, bouncing effect that attacks each and every member of the family. My youngest at only 4 years old, is suffering large, body heaving coughing fits that result in vomiting, accompanied by yet another ear infection. Fever, chills, aches – […]

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