Easy Ways to Introduce Yoga to Kids

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My daughters LOVE Yoga, especially my eldest. She seems to live and breathe for the bends and poses – enough so that I have actively sought out books, videos and even a class for her when she was in preschool. Luckily, as the awareness of Yoga filters through our daily lives, there are now many Easy Ways to Introduce Yoga to Kids – ways we introduced early and often. My girls have their own yoga mats and even special outfits they wear when they practice. It’s both cute – and beneficial.

According to 2016 Harvard Medical School article, Yoga for school-age children improves not only physical health and well being, but mental awareness and perception as well. It can increase focus, memory, classroom behavior and even academic performance.

I know from personal experience and observation that the mindfulness that accompanies regular practice goes a long way to soothing those rough growing spurts and easing the temper that always seems to follow. When we have a trying few days, I will often realize that we have not enjoyed our Yoga sessions. Perhaps it is simply coincidence, yet the correlation is enough that I will pull out the mats and put on Cosmic Kids!


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Easy Ways to Introduce Yoga to Kids



Introducing Yoga to your little one

Little Yoga by Rebecca Whitford and Martina Selway

I found this little gem while exploring a childhood education store when I was pregnant. Considering I love Yoga myself, I picked it up in hopes that someday my daughter (or son – we didn’t find out the sex of the baby) would be able to enjoy it with me. Flash forward to 18 months and we were playing with the ansas, laughing as she tumbled – or fell asleep when she laid down. It was an adorable little book that I still have on my shelf, collecting dust but full of memories. It’s a great introduction Yoga book for toddlers and parents alike, with colorful illustrations and only nine poses.


Introducing Yoga to your Children

The ABCs of Yoga for Kids By Teresa Anne Power

I actually received a digital copy of this book as an ARC (Advanced Reading Copy) a few years ago. While set for a slightly older age than the previous book, this one quickly became a favorite around my household. Set to the alphabet, the rhyming stanzas cover 56 poses, each one encouraging coordination, balance and calm. This is the only book in the series that I personally own, yet the author has expanded the offerings to include a Guide for Parents and Teachers, a Coloring Book, a Poster and even Learning Cards.


Yoga Bug by Sarah Jane Hinder

Just like the name implies, this book is all about simple and easy. Colorful and smooth, Yoga Bug introduces young children to the joy that Yoga can inspire – while still having fun! Parents will have fun by practicing the poses too!


Introducing the many benefits of Yoga to your kids

Yoga Bunny by Brian Russo

While I do not own this book, I have heard about it via other Parenting Blogs and I have seen it on Amazon and even in the book store. Even though my girls are a bit older now – I think I will still pick it up, as it looks adorable and you can never have enough Yoga books!

The premise is fairly simple – Bunny wants to do Yoga, yet his friends are either too tired, too busy or too uninterested to join him. It’s up to him to convince them otherwise.


Easy Ways to Introduce Yoga to Kids


Cosmic Kids Yoga

Along with books, videos are a perfect way to introduce Yoga to Kids. From DVD’s to streaming, there are plenty of options out there – but one of our favorites is Cosmic Kids Yoga. We first found this entertaining series while pecking around YouTube, where they have a channel filled with free video options. Each one tells a story, from popular ones like Star Wars or Frozen, to simple ones about Bunnies or Foxes, Turtles to Bears. They utilize famous books, rhymes, rhythms and topics – ranging from high energy to calming, meditation to flexibility and far beyond.

Beyond their well known YouTube channel featuring the high energy and friendly Jamie, you’ll find their website filled to the brim with helpful information and guidance – and even a way that you, too, can learn to teach Kids Yoga (and even make a career out of it!) or find other, easy ways to introduce Yoga to kids!  We LOVE Cosmic Kids in our household!


Easy ways to introduce Yoga to kids! From videos to books, posters to mats, there are many easy ways to bring this calming practice into your home.

Namaste Kid

To continue the YouTube kick, another great channel to explore is Namaste Kid. While we do not spend quite as much time on this channel as on the other, it is still a delightful addition to any growing Yoga library. Short videos can be combined to make an entire program, or you can purchase their ready made DVD’s under the name “Once Upon a Mat” and “Yoga Motion“.

Friendly and approachable, these simple to follow videos will quickly become a staple in your Yoga routine.




While you do not actually NEED ANY materials or supplies to start a Yoga routine for yourself or your kids, some people do enjoy having some supplies on hand. The following can help complete, or start, your collection.


Mats for Kids

Easy ways to Introduce Yoga to Kids - supplies

3mm Kids Yoga Mat

This kid friendly mat measures just 24″ x 48″, which is much smaller than the standard size of 24″ x 68″ for adult mats. Nontoxic, Latex, BPA and Phthalate free, this mat by Namaste Kid is the perfect beginner mat for your young Yoga Enthusiast.


Easy ways to introduce Yoga to Kids - supplies

Tree Pose Yoga Mat – Zennery Kids

Free from all of the major 6 harmful phthalates as well as PVC, this colorful mat offers a safe, and comfortable place for your little one to practice.


Other supplies

Easy ways to introduce Yoga to Kids - supplies

The Kid’s Yoga Deck – 50 Poses and Games

With over 100 positive reviews, this Deck of Cards can fill an afternoon – or a preschool – with Yoga fun and games!

How about your family?

Do you practice Yoga at home? How did you get started? What are your favorite videos or programs? Leave a comment – I would love to talk!

Easy ways to introduce Yoga to Kids - from videos to books, mats to supplies, there is something for everyone here.




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  1. My 8 yo loves cosmic kids! She and my littlest have grown up watching mommy practice yoga and knowing that I take time out of my schedule to go to a studio class or include my home practice. We have to lead by example!

    And I love all the book choices. I never knew! I am going to definitely be checking those out the next time to go to the bookstore.

    • Cosmic Kids is probably one of the best things we ever ran across on YouTube! If you find any other great book finds at the book store, can you let me know? I am always looking to increase our Yoga Library!

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