A New Path

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Between the time when I was wiser and knew exactly what I was and what I wanted in life to the present, things… changed. Life laughed at my plans, upended my goals and set me on a path I never envisioned – a path that has led me across the country, through careers and finally to happiness and joy. I spent 15 years calling the medical field home while my passion for writing fossilized, languishing for lack of time and commitment. That all changed when circumstances took a chance and turned everything upside down.

When my overly diligent OB-GYN put me on bed rest at 28 weeks along with my eldest daughter, my husband and I crunched numbers, applied for disability and struggled to find a way to make it work. Surprisingly – it did. When she was born, and the disability lapsed… we still made it work, somehow. And when it came time to return to work – another conversation happened that eventually led us to where we are now. My husband, whom I will fondly refer to as Big A, makes enough money to cover the bills, and while adding in my own income would increase our bottom line, the trade-off of losing valuable moments with my daughters seemed unbearable. We were fortunate enough to be able to make the choice for me to stay with them instead of allotting funds and time to another caretaker. I say fortunate because I am well aware that we are blessed in this matter – in a way that many are not.

So now here I am – A mother, a writer, a feminist and a homemaker. I invite you to join me on my journey as I try to find my way in a world I never quite expected. I want to share tips, tricks and failures – ways to save money, ways to make money, recipes I attempt to cook (full disclosure – most meals are made by my husband – who is a better cook, at least for now…) reviews for products, crafts, etc, etc, etc…

I am not quite sure this is a lifestyle blog, as I don’t think I really have a lifestyle per say, nor is this a money saving blog, or a craft blog or even a review site. It’s all of the above, and then some, including a growing section devoted to Lactation. After my eldest was born, staying home was desired, yet hard – leading me to pursue yet another career, one that meshed with motherhood and my own struggles at the time. I became a Certified Lactation Educator Counselor – and I haven’t looked back. As this site grows, the lactation section will grow as well, listing resources, articles, guidance and books.

Thank you for being here, and for joining me in this amazing (and somewhat confusing..) journey!


Posted February 26, 2017 by Heather in Uncategorized / 1 Comment


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