How to Make Liquid Sidewalk Chalk With Just 3 Ingredients!

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Make Liquid Sidewalk Chalk with only 3 ingredients!

Last week at Girl Scouts, one of our Leaders introduced the girls to Liquid Sidewalk Chalk. It was so easy and so much fun that I decided to take the project home and attempt it with my daughters!


This easy to make project will produce hours of fun for your little ones, and countless art project! We made hearts, tic-tac-toe and even some mathematical equations.

Easy Liquid Sidewalk Chalk

Make Liquid Sidewalk Chalk at home with just 3 ingredients!


The amazing thing about this project? You only need 3 ingredients!

  • Water – 1 part
  • Corn Starch  – 1 part
  • Food Coloring – 3 to 5 drops

That’s it!

How to combine:

I found that using warm water helped the mixing process a bit. Simply mix the cornstarch and warm water until fully combined, it will look like milk, then add a few drops of your favorite food coloring. Stir until combined, then get out the paint brushes!

While the above measurements are guidelines, nothing is carved in stone. If you like your Liquid Sidewalk Chalk a bit more liquidy, add more water. Thicker? Add more cornstarch. Both produces wonderful results, especially when it dries on the ground.

Make your own liquid sidewalk chalk with only 3 ingredients!


You can also put this solution in squirt bottles (dollar store has the squeeze condiment type that would work great!) or just leave it in bowls – which is what we did.

Fair warning, it can be a bit messy! I dries on your hands, but it easy to wash off.

You can make your own Liquid Sidewalk Chalk at home with just 3 ingredients!

While we used gel food coloring, there are other ways to make this, including using more natural coloring ingredients. This article by walks you through the steps to make your own natural food coloring and just what to use to achieve the color you want.


Final Thoughts

This was a fun and easy project that we will definitely be doing again. The girls had a blast painting with the Liquid Sidewalk Chalk and generally just making a mess. I do not, however, feel that I will use gel food coloring again. The blue chalk dyed one of the bricks in the wall behind us, even though the other colors rinsed clean away. I tried to scrub it too, and while it is lighter than it was, it is still visible. Next time, we’ll use a different variety of food coloring or opt for the natural varieties in the article linked above.


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You can make Liquid Sidewalk Chalk at home with just 3 ingredients!!

Posted February 5, 2018 by Milk and Hugs in Crafts, Parenting / 0 Comments


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