How to Mom when You are Sick

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A long running ear infection has knocked me sideways, and left me thinking about the age old question – How to Mom when you are sick. Seriously… HOW do you do it?

Sickness happens to the best of us, but as the saying goes - Mom's can't call in sick. Here's a roundup of wise Mama's from all over to help you learn How to Mom when You are Sick

Sickness happens, and it often happens to US – the parents. Unfortunately, while we may be able to call in sick to work, we can’t call in sick to parenting. Little mouths still need to be fed, bodies washed, trips made and the bedtime show must go on. All these wonderful little daily tasks that can seem like a struggle on a normal day, turn into a horror movie when your’e sick.

So what’s a busy and sick Mom to do? I turned to Facebook for advice, rounding up wise words from mothers all over. Here’s the best of the bunch. Be sure to check out any links that are included, as many wise mamas also run their own blogs filled with hacks, advice, tips, and stories that will warm your heart.

How to Mom When You are Sick

Most comments have been duplicated here in whole, while some have been edited for clarity.

“Don’t beat yourself up for being lazy. It’s ok if dinner is a bowl of cereal or a frozen meal one night. It’s ok if the dishes don’t get done today. Kids don’t care if the house is always clean or if every meal is balanced and nutritious. Taking care of yourself is more important than being a perfect parent every single day.”

~Carrie, Indiana


“I do not have any local help, and these days were very long.
When I am sick I realize how important it is for me to teach my family that we are one unit. One chain. When my children are ill, I try and treat them with the same respect that I want of them.
1. Use your tub. It is easy to clean, and a great place for a small child to make art.
2. Make the food ahead of time, when you feel best in the day. A box of disposable gloves is useful. Grab a few extra masks at the doctor’s office and use them at home. No point in having sick children and sick mum.
3. In your heart, lock away how helpless you feel when sick, and when your sick children are pressing your final nerve, please draw and treat them the way you want to be treated.
4. Check what your doctor gives you if you are nursing. So many prescriptions I was prescribed were NOT able to be used when nursing. The Medications and Mother’s Milk book was really handy to own. I brought it to appointments. Totally worth the retail $40!
5. Sleep. It is okay to have the time off to heal.”

~Katylin, Oregon


“Lazy days! I have a stash of busy toys from the One Spot at Target and bust those out when I’m feeling crappy. Also, make it a movie day; let them binge on their fave flicks so you can rest. My babe loves popcorn so she can have that treat also ? whatever it takes!”

~Casey @


“Honestly? When I am sick, I am fortunate that I have bigger kids to help with the younger ones when hubby is at work. But even my 6 year olds try and help take care of Mommy when she isn’t feeling good, so I am pretty lucky. But when I had nothing but little kids and I was ill, I just did what I had to in order to make it. We watched lots of TV, ate what ever was simple in the kitchen, and called on friends/family when I could. The biggest thing to remember as a parent is that if you don’t take care of you? You can’t take care of them. Sometimes you HAVE to ask for help, and no one is going to look down on you for it. So suck it up, call that friend who is always asking if Jr. can come over for a play date. Or that aunt who is always begging to take her Mini me to do a girls night. Let them! Then drink a bottle of Nyquil and climb in bed…you deserve it!”

~Summer, Washington


“There is no such thing as being sick when you are a mom. No rest for the weary.”

~Desiree, California


“Umm, I still go to work when I’m sick. Lessons plans are a bitch and to write them up sick is no fun!! Still drop the kids off and pick up. Hubby will probably help out with dinner and homework though.”



“Let your kids help you, even if they’re not old enough to do the tasks well. They’ll feel important because they’re “helping,” and they learn to care for those around them. You may have an even bigger mess to deal with once you feel better, but that’s a small price to pay for the love and compassion your kids will show you if you let them.”



“Ha! I just let my kid play video games all day and eat snack dinner.”

~Ashley, California

Other resources

I also sent my request to Dr. Google, asking the all important question: How to Mom when you are sick. The results were a mixed bag – here are the ones I feel can ACTUALLY help.

Hand in Hand ParentingHow to Be Sick and a Mom by Julianne Idelman

Apartment TherapyMommy’s Not Allowed to Get Sick by Sarah Dobbins

The rest were mainly repeats of these, and of the wonderful advice above, though some were more humorous than other.

If your temper flares (like mine does!) when you are ill, another blog post I wrote has resources to help – Controlling the Hidden Mom Anger


What about you? How do YOU Mom when you are sick? Leave me a comment, give me your pearls of wisdom! Right now, I need them. =)

How to Mom when you are Sick

Sickness happens to the best of us, but as the saying goes - Mom's can't call in sick. Here's a roundup of wise Mama's from all over to help you learn How to Mom when You are Sick

Posted November 9, 2017 by Milk and Hugs in Life as a Mom, Parenting / 0 Comments


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