Last-minute Father’s Day Gifts!

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Need a Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift? Amazon Prime has you covered!

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Father’s Day is SUNDAY! I woke up this morning with that vague thought in the back of my mind, then the sudden realization that I am not prepared!

The girls have not made any crafts (except those made in school), planned a day nor purchased that eclectic, gaudy Tie he seems to favor for Father’s Day. He doesn’t wear Ties – EVER – but he has a small yet growing collection of ties he is oddly proud of.

With the day right around the corner and no prep in my corner, I turn my gaze to Amazon with its vast array of unconventional gifts for my far from standard husband and speedy, 2 day Prime shipping.

Here are a few Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts under $35 that caught my eye, ALL with Prime Shipping!

Last Minute Father's Day Gift clock

Academy da Vinci Clock

Price: $15.50

This snap together clock is based on an escapement sketched by Leonardo da Vinci.

It has earned mixed reviews, with complaints of material or confusing instructions – yet the overall finished look is so appealing it earned a mention on this list.



Last Minute Father's Day gift - 2


Westminster Magnetic Sand Timer

Price: $7.94

Small enough to fit on any desk or tool box, this 14 x 8cm Sand Clock creates unique and hypnotizing patterns as the Magnetic Sand passes through the Hourglass.



Last Minute Father's Day Gift - 3

Experimenting with Babies

Price: Paperback – $6.95  Kindle – $5.99

Written by Shaun Gallagher, the title alone made me giggle, but the description (and reviews) made me buy it.

“Whether your little research subject is a newborn, a few months old, or a toddler, these simple, surprising projects will help you see the world through your baby’s eyes—and discover ways to strengthen newly acquired skills during your everyday interactions.”


Last Minute Father's Day Gift - 5

Zircon e50-FFP Stud Sensor e50 Edge-Finding Electronic Stud Finder with AC Wire Warning in Easy Opening Packaging 

Price: $19.86

Every household that displays pictures, hangs a TV or installs anything of substance on a wall needs a stud finder – and this one fits the bill nicely at only $19.86.




Last- Minute Father's Day Gift - 5


Mr. Bar-B-Q 06753X Stainless Steel Grilling Skillet with Finger Grip Handle 

Price: $16.99

For anyone that likes to grill, the frustration of vegetables or shrimp falling through the grate is very real. This stainless steel skillet solves that problem. Ranking higher with reviews than similar products, if you are searching for a way to make stir-fry on your grill, this Last-Minute Father’s Day gift may be the perfect solution.



What Last-Minute Father’s Day gifts have you found? Leave a comment!



Posted June 14, 2017 by Heather in Gifts / 0 Comments


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