Being a positive role model for your children

W.E.B DuBois once said, Children learn more from what you are than what you teach   This quote, so simple and understandable, is the kind that reads deeper on further reflection. Our children are ALWAYS watching us, ALWAYS. They see the things we do and the things we don’t do.  Hear the kept promises, and […]

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Learning to Trust your children

Last week we ventured out as a family to run errands, visit shops and generally try to escape the heat that had landed over Southern California. After a couple of hours, we found ourselves at a popular home store. There, amongst the kitchen supplies and reusable bags, I saw my youngest dancing the dance all […]

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Hey Mom… you’re doing great

It’s been one of those days where everything is just a little bit south of OK. The girls have been yelling non-stop, the coffee ran out, the dogs are barking, the laundry is backed up, my husband is moody, the cat puked on my socks and if I hear “MOM!” just one more time….. As […]

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Why I don’t post pictures of my kids on my blog

A message came across my board recently with a very valid question: Why, as a Lifestyle and Parenting Blogger, don’t I post pictures of my kids on my blog? Well, I do, just not identifiable pictures. Several of my blog posts feature pictures of them, like This is 4, and 10 Things to Appreciate about […]

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30 Days of hugs, love and challenges

Can a 30-day Challenge lead to a better you, or even a better family? When I am in the car, at the gym or cooking, I eagerly fill my ears with the most interesting Podcasts I can find. From news to history, entertainment to enrichment – if the topic interests me and the hosts are […]

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Last-minute Father’s Day Gifts!

Need a Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift? Amazon Prime has you covered! Please note, these are NOT affiliate links. Father’s Day is SUNDAY! I woke up this morning with that vague thought in the back of my mind, then the sudden realization that I am not prepared! The girls have not made any crafts (except those made […]

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30 Day No Screen Time Challenge Update

It has been 18 days since we started the 30 Day No Screen Time Challenge… and everyone is still alive! We’ve had our ups and downs, but so far, things seem to be going well. No Screen Time Challenge Update How are the girls handling it? At first, it was difficult for both of them. […]

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The ‘No Screen Time’ Challenge

The ‘No Screen Time’ Challenge

We are starting something new in our household, something that is long overdue- the no screen time challenge. I’ve pulled the plug on ALL screens – this includes the TV and the overly loved iPad. We are Day 5 into the adventure and things are starting to calm down. The whining for television is lessening, […]

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