Shout Out to My Children

Posted March 14, 2017 by Heather in Life as a Mom / 1 Comment

A miracle happened in my house the other day. Not the angels singing kind – but close. My girls, at only 4 & 6, found a core of empathy and actually took care of ME. This is my shout out to my children.

Our entire household has been swept up in a sickness so diabolical it keeps coming back again, rending almost all of us with high fevers, coughs, chills, nausea and weakness…. one at a time. First my youngest went down, then my husband – then me. My eldest has held strong, though a cough is slowly starting to creep up on her. I finally went to the Doctor when my fever passed 104, but it is what happened BEFORE that much needed visit that has me humbled.

My children took one look at my glazed eyes, pale face and weak movements and just knew… today is not her day. And they left me alone. Seriously. For an entire day they played in their room,quietly, didn’t argue, didn’t yell “MOM” every 3 seconds, didn’t ask to go to the park or see a friend, watch a movie, eat ice cream… nothing. Instead, they played Lego’s, read books, talked, turned their room into a palace and crowned their dolls Queens of the Gilbert Realm. Oh, we still talked and food was had, but overall, this mama was able to rest, drink tea and try to shake the fog from my brain.

If it had been any other day, my superman husband would have been on the case, wrangling and playing. Alas, it was Sunday, and considering he works nights at a job that allows few call-ins, he had to sleep and we were on our own.

How did this happen?

WHO are they? How did they instinctively know? I’m not sure, and the following day was back to business as usual, but for one glorious – FULL day, my girls helped reset my spirit. I’m humbled, thankful and so incredibly impressed.

Maybe we are doing something right after all.

And they even gave me a flower…..

Purple flower from my children


Posted March 14, 2017 by Heather in Life as a Mom / 1 Comment


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