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Reading Milestones – Teaching your Preschooler to Read

My 4 year old LOVES preschool – the friends, the free play, the snacks… but what she doesn’t love is group time. This is a new factor, and one that has thrown me a little for a loop. During group time, the kids sit on the carpet and learn about letters and the magical sounds […]

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The ‘No Screen Time’ Challenge

The ‘No Screen Time’ Challenge

We are starting something new in our household, something that is long overdue- the no screen time challenge. I’ve pulled the plug on ALL screens – this includes the TV and the overly loved iPad. We are Day 5 into the adventure and things are starting to calm down. The whining for television is lessening, […]

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Benefits of reading aloud to children

The many benefits of reading aloud to children (This post was originally published on www.gilbertcreations.com and has been re-posted here, with changes) Parents, caretakers and educators have long known that reading aloud to children increases bonding, encourages brain growth, strengthens vocabulary and a helps foster a curiosity for the world around them. We all know […]

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