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How to Mom when You are Sick

A long running ear infection has knocked me sideways, and left me thinking about the age old question – How to Mom when you are sick. Seriously… HOW do you do it? Sickness happens, and it often happens to US – the parents. Unfortunately, while we may be able to call in sick to work, […]

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Out sick, But I’ll be back soon

I have been sick for over two weeks, with the last week knocking me flat. My previous post, “A shout out to my children” mentioned it briefly, but this sickness has ravaged my entire household. All that said, I wanted to stop by and say that I will be back soon, honest. I’ll be back. […]

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Shout Out to My Children

A miracle happened in my house the other day. Not the angels singing kind – but close. My girls, at only 4 & 6, found a core of empathy and actually took care of ME. This is my shout out to my children. Our entire household has been swept up in a sickness so diabolical […]

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