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30 Days of hugs, love and challenges

Can a 30-day Challenge lead to a better you, or even a better family? When I am in the car, at the gym or cooking, I eagerly fill my ears with the most interesting Podcasts I can find. From news to history, entertainment to enrichment – if the topic interests me and the hosts are […]

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The ‘No Screen Time’ Challenge

The ‘No Screen Time’ Challenge

We are starting something new in our household, something that is long overdue- the no screen time challenge. I’ve pulled the plug on ALL screens – this includes the TV and the overly loved iPad. We are Day 5 into the adventure and things are starting to calm down. The whining for television is lessening, […]

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This is 4…

This is 4…. I am loud I am stubborn I am joy and innocence I am magic wrapped in curiosity I still need you, even when I don’t I want you to watch me and to play with me always I want to show you my tricks and the new things I have learned I […]

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How to clean old marker or crayon off your walls

Old Marker or Crayon marks on your walls? How to FINALLY get them clean! We’ve all been there.. our charming child is quietly drawing with markers or crayons when suddenly they realize those wide open white walls are a perfect canvas for art! While I can’t really blame my youngest Picasso (seriously… walls kinda DO […]

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Finding ‘Me Time’ when you have NO time

It’s 5:30 in the morning and I stare at a computer screen, sleep still in my eyes and tiredness pulling at my bones. Sometimes I wonder if these early mornings are worth it – if losing those last few moments of rest really helps my sanity, or just ensures that I lose it a bit […]

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