To Elf or not to Elf? The ultimate Christmas question….

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If you have followed this blog for any period of time, then you know that my family doesn’t ‘DO’ Santa. Oh, we play Santa, see Santa at functions, enjoy the movies, wear the hats, label certain gifts from Santa – but our girls are fully aware that Santa is NOT real… just a fun game to play during the holidays. Well, our duo of trouble and joy have decided to up the ante this year and have asked to include the dreaded Elf on a Shelf to our Holiday traditions. So, now we are faced with the ultimate questions… To Elf or not to Elf?

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To Elf or not to Elf?

On the surface, this is a mundane query, one that can be answered with some cash and creativity. I mean, what’s the big deal? We add an Elf, say the spiel, convey the facts (that’s harder than it sounds) and then move the blasted thing EVERY NIGHT! Yeah…. fun times. Ugh. It’s not much different than playing the Santa Game… and yet, it is. Instead of just one guy surveying the behavior of good little girls and boys around the globe, he has ‘helpers’ that watch and report as well. Helpers that cannot be touched nor played with, whose only goal is to transmit the going on’s of children. How is that not creepy? How is that not Big Brother in a funny hat?

To Elf or not to Elf? Making the choice to include this little monster in our Christmas Traditions... #elf #Christmas #Really #mommyblogger

But it’s fun, right? Yes, yes it is. I get it, I do. Honest. It’s a new tradition to add to a wealth of joy in the season of giving – and I know many families who revel in the game. I just don’t know if we can be one them… though we probably will be. Despite what some may think of our ways, I have no desire to sap the magic from my children’s lives. Adulthood comes too fast and modern life is too hard to add the burden of blunt reality to ones so young. The reality we impart is truthful, if cushioned. We turn the watchful eye of Santa into a game people love to play, just like we do with Fairies, Dragons and Wizardly school. Imagination is vital and very needed, especially in something as precious as childhood.

But… but…

That said, there is something about the Elf that makes me shudder. Maybe it’s the whole concept, that evil looking eye, or the underlying facet of tattling that gets to me. Add in the idea that the kids can’t even touch these ‘dolls’ and my heebee jeebee factor goes up by 10. And what about moving them all the dang time? I may spend quite a bit of time on Pinterest, but I am NOT THAT Pinterest Mom. Some of these clever cats produce entire scenarios for their elves, with budget displays, accessories, new clothes, obvious intent and blatant mischief. Honestly, I am a bit jealous – and FAR too intimidated to indulge. Maybe I’ll just copy the brilliant idea that the Elf has a broken leg? I mean, the kids won’t notice that year after year… will they? >.<

How about you?

Does your family have an Elf on the Shelf? How did you decide to get one? Do you craft epic displays, or keep it mundane? Does your family do something different? Leave a comment, I’m desperate!!!


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Posted December 7, 2018 by Milk and Hugs in Children, Fun Stuff, Parenting / 1 Comment


One response to “To Elf or not to Elf? The ultimate Christmas question….

  1. Amie

    Nope. Not my household. We we’re even gifted an elf on the shelf when our little one was a toddler. It’s still in the box. I don’t have (or really even thought about) philosophical objections. It’s just too much effort for so little enjoyment. I’d rather use the time to look into activities we’d do together that we all can enjoy and make those our traditions. 🙂

    I do admit I enjoy seeing some of the pictures that people come up with for the elf, though most of them I’d be worried I might put the seed of thought for my son to attempt the shenanigans.

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