Unusual Holidays to Celebrate With Your Family for a Fantastic January

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Unusual and Fun Holidays you can celebrate with your family for a Fantastic January!

While browsing the Dollar Bin of a local Discount Store, I ran across a Calendar of weird and wacky holidays. With two children running around who love Holidays and all things about them – it just makes sense to try to incorporate some of these strange and unusual holidays into our monthly celerations.

We will most likely not celebrate each and every one of them in the Month of January, I plan to mark a few and create new traditions for our family! Global Family Day? Sign me up!!

A New Year brings new opportunities and chances for fun!

The following list has been culled from many sources – each with a link (or two) to further explain the Holiday or Observance Day, as well as a few that provide potential ways to celebrate.

Unusual Holidays and Observances you can celebrate with your Kids to Make January Fantastic! #fun #traditions #new
Dress Up Your Pet Day – January 14th!



Fun,Weird, Wacky and Unusual Holidays you can celebrate with your family for a fantastic January!

January 1st:  Global Family Day (Link 1, Link 2)                                                                                                Mummer’s Parade Day (Link )

January 2nd:  National Buffet Day (Link 1, Link 2)                                                                                             National Science Fiction Day (Link)

January 3rd:  J.R.R. Tolkien Day (Link)                                                                                                             National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day (Link)

January 4th:  I am a Mentor Day (Link)                                                                                                             World Hypnotism Day (Link)

January 5th:   Twelfth Night (Link)                                                                                                                      Bird Day (Link)

January 6th:  National Technology Day (Link)

January 7th:  National Bobblehead Day (Link)

January 8th:  Bubble Bath Day (Link)                                                                                                                 National English Toffee Day (Link)

January 9th:  Balloon Ascension Day (Link)                                                                                                       National Static Electricity Day (Link)

January 10th:  National Oysters Rockefeller Day (Link)

January 11th:  National Milk Day (Link)                                                                                                                Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day (Link)  Teach your kids here!

January 12th:  National Marzipan Day (Link)

January 13th:  National Sticker Day (Link)


January 14th:   International Kite Day (Link)                                                                                                       Dress Up your Pet Day (Link)

January 15th:  Strawberry Ice Cream Day (Link)

January 16th:  Appreciate a Dragon Day (Link)

January 17th:  National Kid Inventors’ Day (Link)

January 18th:  Winnie-the-Pooh Day (Link)

January 19th:  Popcorn Day (Link)                                                                                                                      Tin Can Day (Link)

January 20th:  Penguin Awareness Day (Link)                                                                                                   National Cheese Lover’s Day (Link)

January 21st:  National Hugging Day (Link)                                                                                                        Squirrel Appreciation Day (Link)

January 22nd:  Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day (Link)

January 23rd:  National Pie Day (Link)

January 24th:  Global Belly Laugh Day (Link)                                                                                                     National Compliment Day (Link)

January 25th:  Opposite Day (Link)

January 26th:  National Peanut Brittle Day (Link)

January 27th:  Chocolate Cake Day (Link)

January 28th:  Daisy Day (Link)                                                                                                                           National Kazoo Day (Link)

January 29th:  National Corn Chip Day (Link)                                                                                                     National Puzzle Day (Link)

January 30th:  National Croissant Day (Link)

January 31st:  Inspire Your Heart with Art Day (Link)

While far from exhaustive, the above list offers unique and fun opportunities to introduce new traditions to your family. Many of the days listed have other Observations or Holidays associated with them, ones I opted not to include in order to keep this calendar ‘kid-friendly.’

Your Turn

Do you know any strange or wacky holidays in January? How are you planning to celebrate? Does your family routinely observe any special day listed? I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment and join the conversation!!

Unusual Holidays you can Celebrate with Your Family this January! #Weird #Wacky #Fun

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