What is Milk and Hugs?

Milk and Hugs is about all things Family – broken down into two specific parts.

What is Milk and hugs?


Breastfeeding, while natural, often does not come naturally. Many mothers struggle in the first few hours, weeks or even months of this exciting new journey. It is my goal and my hearts desire to ease this transition and make that journey as easy, and painless, as possible.

I offer support, information, education, tips and breastfeeding advice. And while I am a strong Breastfeeding Advocate, my support, advice and services are non-judgmental. If you choose to breastfeed, great! I can offer help. If you choose NOT to breastfeed, great! I can offer to help you choose alternative methods like formula or donor milk. If you choose to exclusively pump, great! I can help direct you to a pump that might suit your needs and offer methods that may increase pump output. If you choose a combination of all of the above? Great! There will be information aplenty for you here too.

If you want to get started right away, Here are some Breastfeeding Links you can read now.

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I struggle as a parent – and while reading through numerous other mommy blogs and countless facebook posts, I realize quite a few other moms do too. Hugs is a catch all section for ‘Everything Family’ that doesn’t directly involve breastfeeding.

From reviews to advice, tips to hacks, homeschooling forms to interviews with professionals – it will find it’s home in the ‘Hugs’ tag.

Most posts will include links to professionals in parenting far more versed and wise than I, places that will lead you to further information or advice.

Kinds of posts you’ll find here:

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What is Milk and Hugs all about?

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